All Machines:

Customers must take all reasonable measures to care for the A-Z Creative equipment at their venue or premises. By placing a booking, acceptance of a quotation or paying a deposit, Customers agree to accept full liability for any and all costs related to equipment damage or losses, including missing electrical extensions, trays, tables, cutlery etc…

  • Machine Operators are included for best results and for your safety.
  • Customers must provide an adequate electrical outlet within reach of the equipment. Machines require good quality of electricity supply. Do not make use of long extension cords, or put other high-current appliances on the same circuit. Extension cords should be 12-gauge or higher.

Slush-Puppy Machines:

Slush-Puppy Machines reach readiness in approximately 45 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on a number of factors.

  • Please make sure that that the machine is out of direct sunlight otherwise the freezing process is significantly slowed.
  • For Alcoholic-based cocktails, the mixture must turn to slush before adding in the alcohol. Allow for extra time as the alcohol content takes longer to freeze.
  • The mixture produces a better quality when it is un-tampered with until ready to consume. Draining the mixture too early negatively affects the quality of the slush.

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