Health Drinks

Yummy ‘n Healthy!

Catering for Company Wellness days and Staff Health Education.

See some of our popular healthy-drinking options below!

Frozen Smoothies
• Strawberry Dairy Blast
• Luscious Litchi
• Mango Mama
• Pina-Coco Dairy Blend
• Tropical Breeze

Protein Shakes
• Chocolate Banana and Peanut Shake
• Vanilla Pumpkin Pie Shake
• Tropical Power Shake
• Superfood Shake

Fresh Fruit ‘n Veg Juices
• The Big Bang – Apple, Lemon, Mint & Ginger
• COP – Carrot, Orange & Pineapple
• Just a Cool Breeze – Mint, Cucumber & Apple

• Energy Shot – Apple Cider, Lemon, Ginger, Honey & Cayenne Pepper
• The Flu-Blocker Shot – Orange, Carrot, Lemon & Ginger
• Daily Greens Shot – Moringa leaf powder, Cucumber & Apple

Healthy ‘n Hot Bev Station
Made with Coconut Milk, Almond, Rice or Soya Milk sweetened with Coconut Sugar, Stevia or Xylitol

• 100% pure ground filter coffee with blends of mint, ginger, cloves, cinnamon and vanilla
• Coconut Tea with a hint of cloves, cinnamon and ginger
• Green Tea Latte
• Cocoa with Mint and Vanilla